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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 16, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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needs to go back and talk to nashs, notice anything unusual remind them this investigation is still active. of course as you mentioned, the big news that came today, the west valley city police department does say they do suspect foul play in the disappearance of susan powell. of course josh powell, her husband, has been named a person of interest. he's not in custody and he's not charged with any crime but police clearly want to talk to him again. they say they just simply have many more questions bow his statement to where he was. told police the last time he saw his wife was december 17. they decided to take the two kids camping in the middle of the night at 12:30 in the morning, even in the middle of a snowstorm he wanted to leave his home. police had serious questions about that story. they didn't get the answers they need. in an exclusive interview, spoke to josh powell's sister and asked her if she thought it was
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possible josh could have played a role in susan powell's disappearance. here is what she said. >> i sure hope not. you know, is a terrible thing. i just hope we find susan. >> police say josh powell initially met with them on the 9th. he missed an appointment to sit down with them on the 14th. yesterday on the 15th, he actually did talk to lawyers giving them -- did talk to police giving them a dna swab while he was present with the lawyer. they want to sit back down with him. they are working actively to sit down and have an in-depth conversation. he's simply not forthcoming enough and they need much more information from the father. david. >> nbc's miguel almaguer. >> time is running out to pass health care by christmas. senate republicans tried to deliberately slow down the
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debate. tom coburn set into motion the reading of an entire amendment. a clerk started to read all 760 pages until moments ago when bernie sanders with drew the agreement. he's been furious, yelling and showing complete and utter anger at this move. dick durbin spoke about the gop effort a short time ago. >> what's going on in the floor of the senate today has nothing to do with amendments of health care reform, it is about stopping health care reform. it proves they are so obsessed with killing health care reform, they will go to extraordinary lengths. >> meanwhile the public's doubts about health care reform seemed to intro groh. an nbc "wall street journal" poll finds more americans think president obama's health care plan is a bad idea than a good one, 32 to 47. senate men ort leader mitch mcconnell says it's what is at the core of the bill that has
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americans unhappy. >> the heart of the matter is half a trillion dollar cuts in medicare, $400 billion in tax increases, and the fact that insurance premiums are going to go up dramatically for most americans. and that is what is not going over with the american people. >> nbc's, mike joins us from the white house. before we talk about tactics i want to talk about senator sanders on the floor furious a short time ago. >> senator sanders, the independent socialist, caucus with the democrats, counts toward that 60 in number, all important 60 in number. his amendment on the floor for a single payer plan, what many on the left wanted all along, never a reality, never had a real chance of passing congress. democratic leaders allowed sanders to go forward wnl, a single payer, as canada, great britain, the government takes care of health care, essentially medicare for all would be one
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way to explain it. tom coburn said when they asked for unanimous consent to consider the bill as read, as they say, around the senate, tom coburn said i'm not doing to give consent to that. read the whole thing. it would have taken until midnight. mitch mcconnell said over the past several days, republican leader in the senate, the longer the bill on the floor, the more american people are against it. recent polling bear this out. republicans decided they are going to keep it on the floor as long as they can. throw themselves down on the tracks. it's not known or expected that any republicans are going to vote for whatever comes out of these proceedings we're seeing in the senate and all thisifying, tamron. >> other key people, not republican, senator ben nelson we understand he met with senator obama. senator nelson very concerned about the abortion language in the bill. what's the latest there. >> senator nelson wanted language to what was similar to what passed the house, restrictive about abortion services in the bill. anybody getting a subsidy, any
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insurance plan receiving moneys would not be able to allow abortion services in their plan. i've got to tell you about one other thing going on. robert gibbs, the white house spokesman, still briefing. really going after howard dean, former governor of vermont. howard dean said on msnbc last night they should start over with this bill. the bill is not worth it. it's crossed the line. doesn't have a public option, doesn't expand medicare. gibbs really going after him. the essential argument from the white house and the president can be encapsulated in what gibbs said. there is more nng bill to like and love than there is to kill this bill. he says of howard dean i can't tell what his motives are. a lot of things in this bill are things he campaigned on when he ran for president in 2003 and 2004 and gibbs went on to enumerate all the virtue as he sees them howard dean should jump for joy about.
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>> thank you very much, mike, at the white house. >> okay. progressives who helped president obama win the primaries and general election one year ago are expressing deep frustration with how the president approached health care and not just howard dean. critics on the left say president obama and top aides have been focused on passing reforms that don't alienate and pharmaceutical industries. thus the willingness to dump the public option, the medicare buy-in. yesterday the white house helped kill a bipartisan amendment that would have allowed drug reimportation that would have cut into pharmaceutical industry profits. again, that amendment was killed. joining us now via skype is
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glenn greenw, ald. what's the motivation, they want the pharmaceuticals and health insurance industries on their side. >> i think they have shown over and over that that was their overarching plan. he got promise add deal after he promised during the campaign to hold negotiations out in the open and on c-span. that would bar the negotiation of bulk prices. that was a huge benefit to the pharmaceutical industry. the same thing you saw yesterday with the democrats leading the way and the administration cheering it on banning drug reimportation which would save consumers and the government enormous amounts of money. the modus operandi from the administration, rahm emanuel is to make sure industries affected by this legislation, pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, do not become alienated not only so they won't sink the health care
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reform, so they will continue to sink their resources into the democratic party. you see the white house doing nothing to oppose the centrist who the president said was obstructing the agenda. >> as far as the bill itself and what was likely to get through, j. rockefeller, one of the progressives in the senate. watch. >> i didn't get some things i want. so what? so what. there is a whole lot of things in there i've been dreaming about for years and years. >> glenn, on that point, will progress i was eventually see the stuff that's in the bill that may eventually cause them to tamp down their frustrations with the obama administration going to the center or is the anger so harsh on the left about president obama that it's not going to matter. >> i don't think it has anything to do with anger or anything rockefeller just said. i don't think the art about why the bill should be defeated as dr. dean is expressing and others is because we didn't get
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everything we want, sink the bill. the argument is much more substantive than that. the argument is this bill does more harm than good from the perspective of health care policy and how our government works. essentially what it does is it requires by force of law tens of millions of people who don't want to be customers of the private insurance industry to become customers of that industry, to write out huge tax to aetna, blue cross, no means of keeping cost under control and all of the proms that were aldly made, many of the great virtues, eliminating lifetime cap on insurance, preventing insurance company from claiming fraud when it comes time you get sick and they try and not cover you, those things actually aren't even in the senate bill. i think the real concern is what this bill does more than anything else, it massively increases profitability of health insurance industry while
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providing very little benefit and bolstering systemic problems in the system that obama said in the first place was what motivated him to want reform. >> glenn greenw, ald who wrote a must read piece. thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> my measure. >> iran's decision to test its most advanced missile will only increase the world's resolve to hold iran accountable for its defiance. capable of reaching israel and southeast europe. iran claims it is impossible to shoot down. this comes as tensions escalate between tehran and the west over iran's nuclear program. the white house saying the move undermines the regime's claims its program is for peaceful purposes. tamron, there was a huge clash between protesters and police yesterday outside the climate summit in copenhagen, denmark. police used pepper spray, tear gas and batons to beat back 2500 protesters of as you can see it was not only beating them back
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but beating them down. this was the largest demonstration since the climate meeting began last week. more than 250 protesters were arrested today. meanwhile inside the summit, talks over a new agreement to fight global warming remained deadlocked just two days before president obama is due to arrive. there's still a major problem between the united states and chinese delegations and that has frozen the rest in place. coming up reports tiger woods wife is seeking a divorce as the sports world awards him a very high other than. we'll have the latest on that. plus the afghan surge you probably did not know about. how about 56,000 private contractors may soon join the fight. >> a city councilman may be removed from office because he's an atheist. is it crossing the line? take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day...
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welcome back to the big picture. after weeks of salacious headlines, tiger woods is named "athlete of the decade." >> associated press awarded tiger that for his ten years of incredible golf. based solely on his performance. he's won 14 major tournaments and 64 victories worldwide. woods received 56 of 142 votes cast by ap members. more than half of those ballots were returned after the news broke about his extramarital affairs this. bit of good news on the athletics front is the only bright spot in the headlines for tiger woods. there are new indications his marriage is falling apart and his wife may soon take on woods in the world of marketing. peter alexander joins us now. >> i'm checking my blackberry.
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"u.s." weekly said rudy giuliani is speaking out about the topic. he's saying to tiger woods, hang in there. no stranger to the topic of extramarital affairs. what is being reported at this point is "people" magazine. the reporter has spoken to people close to elin who says she's leaving tiger, taking the children away for the holidays and the two are no longer living under the same roof. whether or not it means they will get a divorce at this pointish it's too early to tell. also noted in this shot where you see here where elin is outside a thai restaurant, the second time she was caught on camera without her wedding band. that was certainly on purpose knowing the paparazzi would be there. she's effectively making a statement i'm going on with my life even if my husband is nowhere to be found. david. >> peter alexander. peter, thanks for the report. we appreciate it. tamron, i guess a lot of people won't be surprised if, in fact,
3:17 pm
this marriage dissolved and the next tabloid headlines are about those arguments over who gets what. >> that's one of the points they are making if she decides to go back to sweden with the children, will that complicate the situation. obviously the parents of both these children would want custody, you would assume or want contact. some of the questions, if she could or would be able to take the kids out of the country if she and tiger ultimately split up. who knows at this point, david. a lot out there. a wild ride as a driver's suv gets stuck in cruise control. david, he's going 80 miles an hour and he can't stop the car. we'll tell you what exactly was going wrong inside that vehicle. part of the world view. plus later in the show ♪ if you want my love, take it >> how could we forget former illinois governor blagojevich singing elvis presley.
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topping today's world view, one more day in the hospital for italy's prime minister. tamron, silvio berlusconi had been expected to be released this evening. doctors say they want to keep the premier hospitalized one more night. the 73-year-old was struck with a statuette during a rally sunday. he has a fractured nose and two broken teeth. >> authorities are moving as many as 30,000 people out of the path of ash and lava spewing from the philippines most active volcano. the volcano had a minor eruption earlier today. experts warn a larger eruption may happen soon. a man lucky to be alive after the cruise control setting in his suv became stuck. that man chase weir made a frantic call to police while his
3:22 pm
ford explorer was locked at speeds at 80 miles an hour. >> slow it down to about 80 just accelerating. oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> with police escorts clearing the way the 22-year-old driver stomped on the brake while pulling the hand brake which slowed his vehicle to a stop not too far from traffic. a ford spokesman said that particular model of ford explorer is being recalled because of problems with the cruise control. >> all right. >> tamron just ahead, the secret search in afghanistan, how tens of thousands of contractors may join u.s. troops in the war zone. >> ben bernanke named "time's" person of the year. what does it mean to be person of the year. we'll look into that. >> judge set to weigh in on the woman accused of offering sex for world series tickets. remember this story?
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i'm mary thompson with cnbc market wrap. a dow jones industrial down 17 points, s&p up fractionally, nasdaq up 3 points. "the washington post" reporting the irs is going to let citigroup keep $38 billion in tax breaks this. comes two days after citi announce add deal to repay $20 billion in bailout funds. new numbers show inflation on the consumer level was pretty much flat in november. the labor department saying consumer price index edged up 0.4 driven by the most part 4.1% spike in energy prices. construction of new homes rebounded in november. congress department saying new home construction rose 8.9% last month to 574,000 units. that's it for cnbc, first in
3:27 pm
business worldwide. now back to msnbc. welcome back, everybody. i'm david shuster in washington. >> aim tamron hall in new york. first u.s. marines deployed from camp lejeune as part of the expiration of the war in afghanistan. 200 marines on the way. more than 1500 from camp lejeune expected to head out before christmas. according to a congressional study, those troops will have contracting help, half the force in afghanistan will be made up of private contractors. an additional 16,000 could be sent. the total number 130 to 160,000. jeremy scale, the author of blackwater, the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army. jeremy, what do you make of this? are you surprised in what's the issue? >> this looks a lot like an
3:28 pm
obama administration jobs creation program, except the jobs are not for americans and the benefit of large war cooperations. what we're seeing is a trajectory under the bush administration, incredible reliance on the private sector to fight wars. obama now is heading towards surpassing the bush era of reliance on these for profit war corporations. they are like the american express card of u.s. military, they can't leave home without them. >> the oversight of these individuals once they are there. >> i did a report recently that showed special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction actually outsourced parts of the oversight, which is helping prepare reports for congress on actions of other contractors. the military itself and that's a much bigger beaurocracy has trouble tracking actual military operations, not to mention 160,000 private contractors that work for 600 different corporations. it's a huge problem, tamron. >> here is what president obama
3:29 pm
said when he was then candidate barack obama. this is, again, about the use of private contractors. he said i don't believe they should be able to run amok and put troops in danger, getting paid three or four times or ten times what our soldiers are paid. are there some of the same issues with contractors in afghanistan as senator clinton, now secretary of state clinton identified in iraq? >> of course. the painful irony, hillary clinton on the campaign trail vowed to stop it now she's guarded by blackwater, the most powerful of all contractors when she goes into afghanistan.
3:30 pm
the huge frat party thrown by the group hired to protect the u.s. embassy in kabul. this is just a law-free zone, accountability-free zone. while the obama administration paid lip service to oversight and cracking down, they are expanding them at a pace that outweighs anything vaguely resembling oversight. is there anything they do, simply an effort by the administration to hold down the numbers of u.s. military troops so you can essentially hide how big the surge really is? >> let's put the cold hard fact on the table, david. without a draft, the fact of the matter is these wars wouldn't be possible but for hiring these private contractors. all of these contractors armed or unarmed are doing jobs traditionally have been done by the u.s. military. this is part of the radical privatization of war and become a staple of u.s. national military operations abroad. >> jeremy, do you see this changing any time soon? >> changing for the worse,
3:31 pm
david. we see from this congressional research report obama administration is increasing reliance on it. i think this should be one of the premier issues investigated by congress. unfortunately you can count the number of lawmakers that made this a priority on both hands. >> jeremy, author of blackwater, the most powerful mercenary army. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >>time magazine announced its pick for person of the year. >> the man who heads the monetary policymaking body that announced just over an hour ago it's holding interest rates steady at record lows to fuel the economic recovery. can you guess who that choice is by the description i gave you? federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he was chosen among six finalists. last year's winner, barack obama. we're joined by national correspondent.
3:32 pm
michael grunw,ald. you narrowed down the names. what was the big pull for bernanke. >> not sex appeal. >> he might not agree with that. >> this is not a time to sell magazines. the big story of 2009 was this extremely weak economy, also the fact it wasn't much, much weaker. ben bernanke is sitting in the extraordinary position. most of us know the fed has a lot of power. it has something to do with our money. federal reserve note on the bills. they don't understand the extent to which he controls the price of a loaf of bread. >> there's a lot of mystery behind what he does, what the fed is, what it means to our life and recovery, if we hope fully do soon out of this recession. >> i think that's right. this is a guy who don't want to grow up to be rich. he and his wife own a ford focus that's not quite paid off. he didn't want power, the security detail.
3:33 pm
this is a guy who wanted to study the great depression. he saw through his research how the central bankers of the 1930s through their passivity, through their weakness really created the depression. once he was sitting in that chair, he was determined to do whatever it takes to make sure he didn't preside over the second one. >> what's interesting in, obviously an incredible time for mr. bernanke. it's a controversial time. not everyone is a fan and agrees he's doing the right thing and just thing, especially when you talk about wall street and the big moneymakers to recover this economy. >> one of the -- he's not a guy who cares a lot about his image. he's got right wingers and left wingers, better thannies sanders, the social isis trying to stop his nomination, so is jim demint, tea party reaxary, most conservative guy in the senate. he does want americans to understand, he really feels strongly this notion he was kind of bailing out wall street, kind of their protector. this is a guy who never worked on wall street and grew up
3:34 pm
literally on main street. his dad owned a pharmacy on main street in dillon, south carolina. a smag town. what he wants people to understand is that he was in the 1930s people said, you know what, these guys deserve it, let it go down and a third of the nation's banks failed. what he showed through research, financial crisis can metastasize into economic crisis. when the -- what do you make of the idea ben bernanke is trying to expand the powers of the fed, congress is trying to block him? what do you make of arguments on both sides? >> there's no question at the height of the panic, he did things the fed -- and continuing, he's done things the fed has never seen before. he pumped trls of dollatrillion dollars into the economy. not just by throwing money in, ways we haven't seen. buying mortgage backed securities, completely
3:35 pm
transformed housing finance. he's been lending to companies that never dreamed of fed loans, hedge funds, mutual funds. no doubt he took advantage of fed's powers. we would love to be a boring central bank again. we would love to roll those powers back. right now we have a very weak economy. unemployment is still way too high. he's very aware of that. when the time is right, he would really like to start going back to being on page c 22 again. >> any reaction from him on this honor. >> he's been a little bit sheepish as he started to figure out this is coming. again, he's not a guy who goes to the d.c. dinner parties. he doesn't go prancing around. he's a shy guy. like i said in the piece, he's a nerd, just happens to be the most powerful nerd on the planet. i think he's pleased this will give 28 million readers and everybody else on tv hope fully give them a little more understanding of what the fed is about and what it does and how
3:36 pm
it is kind of. he has the keys to the economy and he's certainly doing the best he can, whether or not people agree with the decisions he's making. >> quote of the day, the most powerful nerd on the hanette. >> i would agree he's got some of the keys. i don't think, michael, he's got all the keys. one criticism people have, yes, he did take actions to avert the depression, so did obama with the t.a.r.p., the stimulus. >> he supported the initial stimulus. i think he would agree with you as well. >> all right. "time" magazine's michael grunw, ald, the great thing about the list, you can debate all sides. part of the reason he was selected, a controversial person making big decisions. a man accused of killing 13 people during a shooting rampage has been moved from intensive care. major na dal is at a private room. his attorney says he remains under guard and is reblgting
3:37 pm
from wounds that left him paralyzed. he's charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. a drawing of jesus on the cross touched off a heated controversy in massachusetts. the sketch was done by an eight-year-old boy. the boy's father chester johnson said his son was suspended and ordered to undergo psychological evaluation for drawing this sketch as part of a class assignment. johnson said the teacher thought it was too violent, crucifixions are. the school said there was no assignment, the boy wasn't suspended and the drawing they are showing the media isn't the one the teacher reacted to. where is the truth in the story. >> interesting. tamron, up next fighting words between sarah palin and arnold schwarzenegger. who is right, who is wrong, what are they arguing about anyway? today's making their case. you could buy 750 bottles of water.
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former alaska governor palin takes on california governor schwarzenegger. at the heart of the battle global warming. >> palin suggesting the president boycott the summit brought this from governor schwarzenegger. >> it's non-sense to say first we should talk about the economy. no excuse to boycott copenhagen because we need to rebuild the economy. there are people who just don't believe in fixing and working on the environment. they don't believe there is such a thing as global warming. they are still living in the stone age. >> stone age. palin took to her face book page to fire back.
3:42 pm
>> who is right, palin or schwarzenegger and should president obama be going to the climate conference in copenhagen. here to make the case, staff reporter for "the daily beast." matt, i want to start with you. would you acknowledge sarah palin has no idea what she's talki ing about when it comes t what has been hamstringing california. >> arnold schwarzenegger has zero credibility. >> let's be clear about what's been hamstringing california. the economy has been hamstringing, not arnold schwarzenegger's green policies. >> because of their regulations, their onerous regulations, including the emissions, they are 33rd in the country in job creation. jobs are fleeing california going to states more business
3:43 pm
friendly. >> those emissions were in place years ago when the california economy was humming. let's give this over to sachlt sam, your thoughts. >> let's talk numbers here, matt. there is a study from a non-profit last week based in palo altoo, california, which said from 2007 to 2008 when the state's total decline of 1% in jobs, green economy jobs grew by 5%. so it seems to me that not only can we not only address the economy and environment at the same time but we've seen in california that one can feed into the other. >> california is absolutely doing great with that 12% unemployment rate and 33rd in the country in terms of job creation. it is horrible. my point isn't to debate the emissions here, it's that arnold schwarzenegger has zero credibility to be criticizing anybody. make no mistake, he went after palin. he was out of line. frankly instead of copenhagen, he should keep his eye on california. >> i want to play what arnold schwarzenegger had to say. it's at the heart of what's going on.
3:44 pm
he asks an interesting question. let's play it. we have the full screen. you have to ask, what was she trying to accomplish. was she interested in this subject or her career and winning the nomination. any time she comments, a lot of people go straight to that. that is obviously the real question here, what is her motive. >> yeah, it's fair to question any politician's motives. i would be the first to agree with you there. also look at arnold schwarzenegger's motives. schwarzenegger is the one taking a bold stance and questioning convention media elites. arnold schwarzenegger is playing to the world stage and the media. i think sarah palin is tougher, sarah barracuda is tougher than arnold schwarzenegger. this is a guy we grew up admiring as commando and all that. >> be clear, it was sarah palin who started this and schwarzenegger was asked to respond to sarah palin's comment that obama should not be going to copenhagen. but sam, does sarah palin have
3:45 pm
an intellectual basis for what matt describes as her strong statements? >> it's sort of funny to talk about any intellectual basis for a comment sarah palin has made. let's go back to october, we have to clean up the planet and encourage other nations to come along with that. those are sarah palin's words. while we'll never accuse her of having fidelity to the truth, maybe we can hold her to those words. that's what it seems like governor schwarzenegger and president obama are doing in copenhagen this week. >> matt? >> look, the republican party is the party of theodore roosevelt. i would think i'm a conservation list but not radical. if you brought me on to verify the consistency of sarah palin or any politician you've got the wrong guy. if you are looking for her position or face book profile, i think she's right and has a
3:46 pm
better argument to make than arnold schwarzenegger. look no further than climategate e-mails, some signist its are attempting to suppress information on climate change. >> what about that? regardless of palin and schwarzenegger, the strict argument, matt and others say he should not be there? >> i object to it. i think we want a president who is ambitious, cares about the world in big terms. how can he turns his back on the environment? saying it affects america, the beautiful landscape of alaska which sarah palin claims to care so much about. >> it's also going to affect a lot of jobs in states like ohio and west virginia where it's going to drive up the cost of food and energy. look, i mean these e-mails are important. i would encourage people to read them. read about things like we can't account for the lack of warming at this time. it's a travesty we can't. scientists suppressing
3:47 pm
consenting viewpoints, it is not an agreed upon phenomenon, it's something worth debating. >> it actually is agreed upon. the debate is whether or not these particular scientists in the interest of their papers they were writing should have bothered to try and exclude the scientists which is what the e-mails reflect. let's be clear about that samuel jacobson, matt lewis, thank you. a city councilman could lose his job because he does not believe in god. later in the show, the mascot who thought an exercise ball would make a good trampoline and he was wrong. ouch. you're watching the big picture on msnbc. ♪ it's christmastime
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is it "crossing the line." an atheist runs for public office and gets elected now when he was sworn in it caused a controversy. >> will you faithfully discharge the duties of your office as mayor of the city of asheville,
3:51 pm
so help you god. >> i will. >> will you faithfully discharge the duties of your job, so help you god. >> i will. >> will you faithfully discharge your duties is that your solemn affirmation? >> it is. >> critics are threatening to remove him from city council. the nc state constitution includes a list of things, being convicted of treason, having committed a felony, and disqualification should be considered for "any person who shall deny the being of almighty god." so there's this written in the north carolina constitution you are not allowed to hold office if you don't believe in god. there are six other states in the united states that have similar provisions in their constitution, arkansas,
3:52 pm
tennessee, maryland, south carolina, mississippi and texas. this despite article 6 of the u.s. constitution says "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the united states. which leads us back to the controversy over being sworn in. mr. bothwell gave his solemn affirmation instead of saying so help me god. a local conservative newspaper editor says the north carolina atheist ban should be enough to force him out of his seat. mr. bothwell has the u.s. constitution and the american ideal of religious liberty on his side. the fact a state is allowed to be on the other side crossing the line? you tell me? what do you think? tamron, it is almost 4:00 on the east coast. this has been a dramatic day of gridlock in the u.s. senate thanks to republican delaying tactics. the gop forced senate clerks to
3:53 pm
start reading nearly 800 pages of an amendment in a bid to slow down health care. how will this tactic play with the voters? plus, breaking up wall street. a new bipartisan plan to go around the obama administration and split up banks that become too big to fail and much more on an american dad's big victory on the legal fight to regain custody of his son. you are watching "the big picture" on msnbc. you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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3:57 pm
institutions want to take part in risky transactions, fine, but we should not allow them to do so with federally insured deposits, i.e., taxpayers money. he won't do television interviews but based on his floor speeches he is reaching cult status. >> we are entitled to our own opinions. we are not entitled to our own facts. international custody fight. after five long years will a new jersey father be allowed to live with his son once again? and there were violent protests at the climate change summit when demonstrators tried to storm the conference center. meanwhile the talks have hit a major snag. the basketball mascot who tried to dunk and failed. blago debates the merits of elvis. ♪ >> this is "the big picture" on
3:58 pm
msnbc. good afternoon, everyone. ich i'm tamron hall in new york. >> i'm david schuster in washington. this has not been a great day in the u.s. senate. within the past hour the senate resumed debate on health care, but they were mired. tom coburn has pledged to use every parliamentary tactic to block reform invoked an amendment to be read out loud. the democratic amendment was 767 pages long. after several hours the reading finally stopped when senator sanders withdrew his amendment. >> the best the republicans can do is try to bring the united states government to a halt by forcing a reading of a 700-page
3:59 pm
amendment. >> and as if that tactic wasn't frustrating enough to democratic harry reid and the democratic leadership who are trying to get health care reform done in the next week, ben nelson told reporters he cannot support the reform legislation because of issues related to abortion coverage. democrats need nelson's support to reach the 60 votes required to move forward. against all of this, there are still concerns about the more liberal members of the senate jumping ship, bernie sanders or russ feingold who repeatedly expressed their frustration of the public option being removed. other democrats are urging everyone to look at the bigger picture. the white house says president obama rejects a call by former dnc chair howard dean to kill the senate health care bill. here is what howard dean


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